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BBABC Sustainability Incubator


Program Start: Feb 15, 2022

Program End: Jan 31, 2023


Spaces: We have 10 spaces in this sponsored program.

Notifications: Approved entrepreneurs will be notified by Feb 1, 2022



Take the BBABC Pledge, and join us as we usher in a new era of change leaders.

Create a greenhouse gas inventory, measure your current carbon footprint, then devise a GHG emissions reduction plan to take action and make change.

  • Cut costs

    Energy, fuel, and waste savings can have big financial impact. 

  • Cut carbon

    Be the company that makes the effort to emit less bad stuff. 

  • Future-proof your business

    Adapt to changing tides, mitigate risk and cultivate positive environmental outcomes.

  • Build in-house skills and cultivate leaders

    Give your team the tools to steer environmental and community initiatives long into the future.

  • Make it a community effort

    Work alongside other Climate Smart-certified businesses to tackle ambitious climate change targets.

  • Measure what matters


Every purchase has a social, economic, and environmental impact.

Social procurement is about harnessing your existing purchasing power to achieve economic and social outcomes, and to shape inclusive, vibrant, and healthy communities. Simply put, social procurement is buying goods and services from social enterprises and other impact businesses such as diverse-owned businesses. 

Designed for suppliers to reach their procurement potential. At the end of this four-week, in-depth training participants will finish the program with foundational tools to bid for contracts.

Topics that will be covered include finding opportunities, responding to bids and telling your social value story.

Curated specifically for the BBABC.


The slowest part of the grant application is understanding the grants where you have to read each grant application, compare them, and figure out which one is the best for your business. In this one year membership you will be provided with your own grant summaries so you can quickly read through grants to determine whether it is a fit for your business needs.

You will get weekly notifications about your grants so you are first to know about new grants and also changes to your grants. 

  • List of grants for your business 
  • Bespoke Weekly grant updates report, including grant details. 
  • Grant summaries and best practices constantly updated by our grant experts


Whether leading a company, a department or project team, emerging entrepreneurs and managers will find success in approaching their pursuits from a place of authenticity. Sourcing Authenticity aims to support participants in building successful, thriving businesses and management careers that are aligned with their own values and strengths. 

Create alignment between themselves and their desired vision for their business.

• Define their style of management and engage with confidence.

• Connect with their values and strengths as leaders.

• Identify key components to their personal or professional brand.

• Learn how to communicate the value they offer to ideal stakeholders or senior leaders.

• Know how to communicate who they are to the people they need to inspire or lead.

• Develop a plan to define and navigate towards their vision of success.

• Build accountability in a supportive environment of like-minded members of their community.


A $1000 AD campaign supported by a customized landing page.  A strategic online marketing effort that’s executed to achieve a specific goal, to build YOUR brand awareness, increased traffic, improved conversions, or more revenue.


Whether you are exporting products, services, or experiences, discover the next step for your business. Your journey to understanding:

  • Are you ready to export?
  • How to build an export plan
  • Identify target markets
  • Finding customers
  • Entering target markets
  • Identifying requirements
  • Managing risk

EDC supported presentations specifically designed to build you knowledge and business readiness to expand your market access.

Access to an Export Mentor, your go-to resource to support your journey


Stepping back and looking for ways to achieve your next steps can be difficult when you’re intimately involved in every aspect of your business.

A one-on-one consultation with a Small Business BC Business Advisor is the first step to take toward achieving your goals for growth and resiliency. We help identify areas of your business that can be improved and deliver solutions-based advice to make it happen. If you’re a business ready to take the next steps, we’ll help you assess the issues affecting your small business and recommend the next moves to aid in your continued success.


Networking and Collaboration to foster peer to peer learning and growth. Structured hosted sessions to maximize your learning and support.


You will be connected with a certified councilor to support your mental health journey.

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